Our company is actively participating in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

90% of stuff is fully vaccinated.

In 2021, our company transported the vaccine «Sputnik-V» within the framework of intergovernmental agreements. We ensure that the temperature required to store the vaccine is accurately maintained and that we have tight control over the entire logistics chain. The transportation is operated by Etihad Airways and Air Serbia.

The transportation of “Sputnik V” vaccine statistics are:

February 2021 – 3500 kg
March 2021 – 6800 kg
April 2021 – 8000 kg
May 2021 – 14300 kg
June 2021 – 25700 kg
July 2021 – 32000 kg

Vaccine deliveries to Europe, Thailand, Pakistan, a number of Arab countries and Latin American countries are planned by the end of the year.